You takin' the piss?

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Name: Sam Robert Jones
Known as: Sam
Age: Depends where he is
Rides: Coyote dual slalom
Drives: Peugot 405
Drinks: Beer
Something funny: Sam thinks that giraffes are camels
Comments: Sam thinks that he is THE man. The picture above just says it all really. He is well known for the fat jumps that he can pull, and his face can often be seen in the pubs of Lichfield. Sam is a pretty generous kinda guy when it comes to blagging beer off him, but when it comes to chocolate and cheese - you owe me Sam. Sam is the man with the eternal stomach, and he is also one of the funniest people in the world, he laughs at everything, and can make a joke out of anything. When Sam is around there is never a dull moment, usually because everyone laughs at him.


Name: Babs Coombes (I'm the one on the left)
Known as: Babs
Age: 17
Rides: Kona Stab (OK OK Raliegh Activator)
Drinks: Anything she can blag
Something funny:

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SAM: [email protected]
BABS: [email protected]

We haven't completed our site yet (yes, we know, we know, but we're upper sixth A level students and we don't have all the time that you college goer/lower sixth bastards have). There is loads more stuff that we need to put on, so keep checking it out for even more larfs. This website stuff ain't as easy as it looks. Innit.


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Thanks to Dougal for teaching us how to do this and letting us steal his pictures (cheers mate), Anthony for use of his computer and ideas (and school for our many, many frees so that we had time to do this), Ben and Paul, for making it so easy to steal their pictures (where are the hitmen, Paul?), Aileen, for teaching us how to steal Ben and Pauls pictures and Ali G for inspiration.